1. sexiestmoan:

    its been a long time i know guys! posting more later xo*

    SV:  Jeans and sweet girl asses…a match made in heaven.

  2. SV:  Bare F’n Shoulders in jean shorts.  Does it get any better?

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  3. SV:  Bare shoulders drive me crazy…

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  4. thetypewriterbleeds:

    She thought about him. It couldn’t be helped.

    Sweet poison.

  5. blueskies4u2:


  6. exhibitionistatheart:

    Only for a bit…eeek

  7. best-of-imgur:

    Still my favorite line from any show.

  8. usemenow:

    We always begin like we don’t know each other. 

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  9. ftwaynewaitress:

    Oops… maybe I should have wore a bra

  10. simmeringwithin:

    Vacation sex. Warm up.

    SV:  Warm up?  HOT up!