1. badgrampa:

    me as a parent

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  3. manchestersylph:

    The Sylph No. 23

    Hope everyone’s having a wicked weekend?????…… I am ;-)

    SV;  I knew there was a god.

  4. yakityyakyall:

    Hey YYY. Fresh from the shower. ;)


    Why thank you! Great tan lines!

    SV:  Lovely, lovely bottom.  Lovely.

  5. a-london-gent:



    Please. This

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  6. manchestersylph:

    The Sylph No.8

    Whoa!!!……909 followers!! I’m soooo flattered 💋

    …so…here I am….Tumblin away :-)

    Hmmmm….what shall I do for the big 1000?!?!?!


  7. yakityyakyall:

    here, have some flowers. oh, and my bum! 


    Flowers? For me? You’re too kind. I’ll just take that… ;) Thanks for sending in your photo today! I love it! 

    SV:  I just really love butts.  Those with flowers are even nicer.

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  8. SV;  I had a girlfriend in college who could orgasm by pinching and pulling her nipples.  I tried to do it to her, with her permission, but was not able to get her to the point of orgasm. 

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  9. naughtymormonmilf:

    Beginning & End

    Like and reblog if you want to see what lead up to the explosion.


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  10. missblissfreshstart:

    This. Now. Please. 💋

    SV:  I’d be happy to oblige you Miss Bliss.

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